Every Thursday at 15:00 - Starting 25th June 2020
5-part series

Webinar One

Overview of a Changed Market - Opportunities and Challenges

  • What types of deals are being done?
  • Analysis of sectors – what opportunities are coming out of the crisis? How to avoid jumping on a fad
  • Overview of fund finance options
  • New players in debt – are traders likely to take advantage of the economic climate 
  • Future forecast – what will the next few months bring

Webinar Two

What GPs are Asking for?  Impact of the Current Climate on Debt Requirements

  • What funds are available?
  • What debt is available?
  • What to do when value is down, and money is needed Building relationships – working with one or more debt providers
  • Getting the best results when working with business support

Webinar Three

Assessing Changes in Fund Structures and Debt Models

  • Assessing changes to fund structures and debt models given market changes – ABL, distressed debt and beyond
  • Overview of fund level debt, fund finance, preferred equity and credit funds
  • Are volumes available at the same levels? 

Webinar Four

LPs and Private Debt Allocation – Where Does Debt Sit on the LP Radar?

  • How long has fundraising been on hold – getting back to business
  • Are LPs still allocating to new debt funds or are new commitments on hold?
  • Will LPs still expect distributions before making new commitments?
  • How/when does the denominator effect come into play for debt funds?
  • Does resource/workout infrastructure sit higher on the list of priorities for investors post-CV19
  • Is there appetite for LPs to lean in more aggressively as credit supply tightens and terms improve?

Webinar Five


  • What is the overarching appetite and willingness of lenders to offer same or similar terms as before?
  • Working with your current lender restructuring/payment holidays – making sure you get the money to move forward
  • How to get the best agreement for both sponsors and debt providers
  • Analysing the details around debt term sheets, covenants and security 

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