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2019 Agenda


Breakfast Roundtables

  • Responsible Investment Policies
  • Buy-and-build and its impact on the debt market
  • Considering tax issues and mitigating possible impact on returns



Chairs opening remarks


Economic Outlook Presentation
Trends to Watch – Tracking Changing Deal Volume and Fund Sizes


Panel Discussion
Blurred Lines – Examining a Changing Competition Landscape

  • Discussing the future of regulation for the Private Debt Market and how this will alter the competition landscape
  • Identifying permanent and temporary markets for direct lenders
  • From fixed product to case-by-case: Tracking the rise of agile lenders and the necessity of bank flexibility
  • Collaboration as a mean of levelling the playing field and reinstating repayment hierarchies through PIK and beyond
  • Managing increasingly borrower friendly terms – How far can and should lenders go?

Panel Discussion
Anticipating the Downturn of the Credit Cycle

  • Assessing changes to fund structures and preferred debt models in the face of uncertainty – ABL, distressed debt and beyond
  • How and whether to prepare for the next downturn after a period of uninterrupted growth
  • Where will an economic downturn leave lenders and their distribution of market share?
  • Are we seeing increased lending due to long-term stability and assumed low volatility again, which so intensely impacted the market in the late 2000s?
  • Discussing changes to strategy with a view to the expected downturn

Networking Break


Panel Discussion
Discussing GP-priorities and the Impact of the Economic Climate on Debt Requirements

  • In an uncertain and changing economic climate, what are GPs looking for in a debt provider?
  • Positioning yourself in preparation for Brexit – the significance of international activity and its impact on strategy
  • Investigating the details of non-UK banks’ approach to lending and how that might impact the competition landscape
  • What is the attitude of GPs towards relationship lending in an increasingly competitive market with agile lending solutions?
  • Price vs. certainty – where do GP priorities lie and why?

Advisor Info Session
Recognising Danger Signs

  • Examining the impact of the credit cycle on default rates
  • Full steam ahead, takings a step back or cautious optimism - What to expect from the year ahead in Private Debt
  • What to look out for to recognise default risks early and mitigate losses



Case Study Interview

  • Investigating the fundraising story behind successful big-ticket transactions
  • Examining the strategy behind the deal
  • Utilising relationship lending to increase deal size and profitability

Investor Discussion
Investigating LP Attitudes towards Private Debt Allocation – From Manager Selection to ESG

  • Investigating risk levels in Private Debt and the role it can play in LP investment portfolios
  • Looking at the increasing importance of the integration of ESG into the Private Debt market
  • The ins and outs of manager selection, from lead origination style to allocation policies
  • How the looming change in the economic cycle influences LP asset allocation plans
  • Discussing the emergence of Private Debt Fund of Funds

Data Presentation
Private Debt Track Record – Learning from the Past and Looking Ahead

  • What credit environment are we moving into and how will that change things?
  • Examining the changes to covenant trends and regulations which shape the market

Chair’s Closing Remarks


End of Conference

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