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2019 Agenda


Breakfast Roundtables

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Chairs opening remarks

Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals


Economic Outlook Presentation
Private Debt: Where are we Now and What does the Future Hold?

  • A round-up of 2019 to date
  • What are investors thinking about private debt and why do they allocate to the asst class?
  • What challenges are we seeing?
  • What can we expect to see in the rest of the year, into 2020 and in the longer term?

Tom Carr, Head of Private Debt Products, Preqin


Panel Discussion
Blurred Lines – Examining a Changing Competition Landscape

  • Discussing the future of regulation for the Private Debt Market and how this will alter the competition landscape
  • Identifying permanent and temporary markets for direct lenders
  • From fixed product to case-by-case: Tracking the rise of agile lenders and the necessity of bank flexibility
  • Collaboration as a mean of levelling the playing field and reinstating repayment hierarchies through PIK and beyond
  • Managing increasingly borrower friendly terms – How far can and should lenders go?

Chair: Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals

Callum Bell, Head of Lending: Growth & Acquisition Finance, Investec Bank

Graeme Delaney-Smith, Co-Head of European Direct Lending, Alcentra

Stuart Hawkins, Director, Ardian

Ian Sale, Senior Director, HSBC


Case Study Presentation

Taking a Leaf out of the Private Equity Playbook

  • Assessing the impact of applying aspects of the private equity model to lending
  • practise
  • Taking an in-depth look at borrower experience, challenges and success in a recent
  • transaction
  • What do banks look for in private equity partners and vice versa?
  • In an increasingly digital world, how important are people and relationships in the lending process?

Chair: Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals

Deepesh Thrakar, Senior Director, Debt Finance, OakNorth

Miral Patel, Investment Director, Literacy Capital

Logan Naidu, Founder and CEO, Dartmouth Partners


​Networking and Coffee Break


Panel Discussion
Anticipating the Downturn of the Credit Cycle

  • Assessing changes to fund structures and preferred debt models in the face of uncertainty – ABL, distressed debt and beyond
  • Investigating differing approaches of banks and funds to distressed credit situations
  • Examining changes to covenant tends and regulations impacted by the mature of the credit cycle
  • Where will an economic downturn leave lenders and their distribution of market share?
  • Learning from history(?) - Investigating parallels between the current credit environment and market conditions of the late 2000s
  • How and whether to prepare for the next downturn after a period of uninterrupted growth

Chair: Talya Misiri, Deputy Editor, Real Deals

Neale Broadhead, Senior Managing Director, CVC Credit

Jon Herbert, Managing Director, Beechbrook Capital

Nakul Sarin, Managing Director, EQT Partners

Trevor Williams, Professor, University of Derby & TWC consultancy


Panel Discussion
Discussing GP-priorities and the Impact of the Economic Climate on Debt Requirements

  • In an uncertain and changing economic climate, what are GPs looking for in a debt provider?
  • Positioning yourself in preparation for Brexit – the significance of international activity and its impact on strategy
  • Investigating continental lending and legal environments and differing competition landscapes
  • What is the attitude of GPs towards relationship lending in an increasingly competitive market with agile lending solutions?
  • Price vs. certainty – where do GP priorities lie and why?

Chair: Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals

Phil Edmans, Partner, Inflexion Private Equity

François Lacoste, Managing Partner, Idinvest Partners

Chris Price, Partner, Mobeus Equity Partners




Advisor Info Session
The 5 Key Things you should know about Leverage Finance in 2020

  • The very latest new structures and technology
  • How to maximise the impact of refi’s, recaps and precaps
  • Watching out for slip ups
  • Strengthening lender relationships, even when things get tough
  • Getting the very best out of your advisors.

Chris Skinner, Partner - Head of UK Debt & Capital Advisory, Deloitte


Investor Discussion
Investigating Market Realities and LP Appetites towards Private Debt Allocation

  • Investigating LP appetite to new strategies and asset allocation efforts in order to obtain adequate risk rewards
  • Looking at emerging managers, strategies and niche plays
  • How the looming change in the economic cycle influences LP asset allocation plans
  • Investigating new and differentiated fund lending opportunities
  • Discussing the emergence of Private Debt Fund of Funds

Chair: Karim Flitti, Partner, Chief Executive Officer, Credit Capital Partners

Claire Madden, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Connection Capital

Matteo Squilloni, Principal, European Investment Fund

Ramesh Yesodharan, Head - Credit Strategy, The Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank


Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference

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