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All information, articles and content related to the UK Mid-Market Debt conference, available to download.

UK Mid-Market Debt Brochure

Download the Real Deals UK Mid-Market Debt Brochure for a comprehensive breakdown of the day's schedule, content topics, speaker line-up and partnership options.


The Debt Series: The Evolution of the Lending Landscape

Competition is at an all time high within the acquisition finance market. Is it time to step away now in order to be profitable later down the line? We've asked the speakers of Real Deals UK Mid-Market Debt their thoughts.


The Debt Series: GPs and Acquisition Finance

Given the speculation of a turn in the credit cycle, it can be tempting for dealmakers to take a conservative position when financing transactions - but is this necessarily the right move? Find out what the Real Deals UK Mid-Market Debt speakers have to say on the matter in an exclusive article.


The Debt Series: LPs and Acquisition Finance

Is it time for LPs to put the breaks on direct lending? Hear the opinions of 2019's UK Mid-Market Debt speakers in an exclusive article.


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