About the conference

The debt markets are changing rapidly and UK private equity firms have more financial options at their disposal than ever before.

UK Mid-Market Debt will offer cutting-edge analysis of the very latest movements and trends, followed by a three-course networking lunch. Join us for a comprehensive overview of today’s debt markets in a day

Who attends?

UK Mid-Market Debt brings together the entire acquisition finance food chain – banks, credit funds, asset-based lenders, advisers and, of course – the borrowers: GPs and the FDs of portfolio companies, to share their thoughts on the latest developments in the market.

GPs are invited to attend the conference for free. Please email ukmmdebt@caspianmedia.com for more information.

2017 Programme

8.15am Invitation only GP breakfast

9am Welcome

Nicholas Neveling, Real Deals

Too much of a good thing: How excess liquidity is affecting lender behaviour

At a time when debt markets are awash with capital, how far are lenders willing to go to win a transaction?

Debt in Depth

A technical analysis drilling down into the numbers behind Mid-Market acquisition finance.

Done Deals

A detailed look into the financing of a recent deal. What menu of choices did the borrower have available and why did they choose a particular lender?

The private debt fundraising boom

Investors are pouring capital into private credit funds at an unprecedented rate. A panel of experts look into the reasons why.

Sponsor Presentation

Coffee and Networking

In conversation: Ben Barbanel, OakNorth Bank

In a market dominated by established lenders, challenger bank OakNorth is offering sponsors leveraged finance with a difference.

The forgotten middle

With banks and funds increasingly focused on bigger deals, borrowers in the lower mid-market have been ignored. Why have these borrowers been left behind and who is filling the gap?

The impact of ownership on lender behaviour

Does the ownership model of a lender influence the deals it will and won’t do? Panellists ask if fee, carry and bonus structures can change lender behaviour and whether borrowers should pay attention to it. 

Keynote interview

Mikkel Rasmussen is the co-founder of ReD Associates, a business consultancy that has led a quiet revolution in business theory by placing phenomenology  –   the science of how people experience the world – at the centre of its method. In keynote interview Rasmussen will discuss the limitations of big data and why the social sciences should continue to lie at the heart of business strategy.


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    Our cutting-edge and controversial conference programme – created by the award-winning Real Deals editorial team, is not just a side-show – it is an integral part of why delegates attend. Our sessions are packed and our audiences engaged.

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